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Mindfulness Wellbeing

Introducing Angela Spencer, Mindfulness Well-Being Lead:

Angela Spencer has been with the nursery school for many years and has now moved into the role of Well-Being Lead where she will be taking her passion of Early Years mindfulness to a new level. Angela has undertaken a number of courses to become qualified in teaching mindfulness practices to become certified in rolling out mindfulness education & practices, including DOTS, a Mindfulness Curriculum for ages 3-6, developed by MISP. The Mindfulness in Schools Project will be working closely in partnership with Horsham Nursery School to actively develop and nurture a bespoke programme which will help us meet the ever changing needs of our children and families.

Angela also offers to parents and carers the support they may need for other challenges facing their children and families, including well-being conversations, training and additional support on toileting challenges, mindfulness practices that can be introduced to provide additional support within the home environment, advice and support for parents who may require other services outside the school remit as well as support and advice for families where additional behavioural struggles are a challenge such as where the child’s self-regulation may be an issue.