• Fun day - Tuesday 25th July - all parents welcome to join us for a picnic from 12 - 1pm -- Have a great Summer holiday and see you back on Wednesday 6th September

Staff List

Headteacher Debbie Carter

Nursery School 3 - 5s

Tracy Swaffer (Deputy Head/SENCO)
Janet Smith    (Teacher)
Julia Camden (Teacher)
Angela Spencer (Nursery Nurse)
Sarah Maple (Nursery Nurse)
Christy Skilton (Nursery Nurse)
Catherine Edmonds (Extended Nursery Nurse)
Charlotte Cowlin (Extended Nursery Nurse)
Jane Fullbrook (Teaching Assistant)
Katie McPherson (Part-time Teaching Assistant)
Paige Pardoe  (Part-time Teaching Assistant)
Rachel Harmer (Teaching Assistant)
Emma Waller (Teaching Assistant)

Horsham Under 3s

Kim Short   (Lead Practitioner)
Tina Fosberry (Senior Nursery Nurse)
Lisa Lines (Nursery Nurse)
Chloe Redman (Nursery Nurse)
Kim Edwards (Nursery Nurse)
Maddie Goacher (Part time Nursery Assistant)
Kat Ayling (Part time Nursery Assistant)
Jan Shadbolt (Part time Nursery Assistant)
Anna Stanley (Part time Nursery Assistant)
Chloe Hibbs (Part time Nursery Assistant)

Office Staff

Lesley Oliveros (Business Manager)
Shareen Costen (Office Manager)
Cathy Barnes (Admin Assistant)

Premises Staff

Vacant Post (Caretaker)
Ruta Siukstaite (Cleaner)
Nuno Ribeiro Soares (Cleaner)
Dana Symonds (Cleaner)